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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 8, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> leaders stand behind their crime-fighting plan. >> "operation cease-fire" is my plan to reduce crime in the town. >> a little bit flabbergasted about how big a divide there is between bart and the unions. >> eye-opening new numbers on the bart negotiations. >> the talks have deteriorated so much they can't agree on how far apart they are. >> reporter: major league baseball plays hardball with san jose. >> and so this 14-acre lot in midtown san jose where the stadium would go is pretty much unchanged the past four years. >> reporter: from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado hi, good morning. it is thursday, august 8. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning, i'm juliette goodrich. michelle griego is off. time now 6:00. we are following several developing stories. a man is in custody after a shooting spree in texas. police say a man out to kill his ex-girlfriend shot eight
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people at two homes in dallas and the near town of desoto overnight. this morning, we learned the woman and her 17-year-old daughter were among the four people killed. her two boys were also hurt. the suspect was arrested. crews are battling an out- of-control wildfire in riverside county. the nine-square-mile fire damaged or destroyed several buildings, forcing 1500 people to evacuate near banning. >> and bart contract talks resume this morning. a day after both sides went public with their positions and their demands. the new numbers showing just how far apart the two sides are. but first, elizabeth has your latest on our morning drive. thanks, guys. yeah, we are just getting word of a new accident coming into san francisco. southbound 280 by alemany. lanes are blocked. and they just turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge. so now we have a delay behind the pay gates. it is jammed solid through the overcrossings. they turned on the metering lights just a few minutes ago and we're already seeing a good amount of delays about 10 minutes to get on the span.
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let's go to our maps talk about a couple of other things. southbound 101 at todd road up in santa rosa, couple of accidents in this area both of which have now been cleared to the right-hand shoulder. no longer a delay coming into santa rosa. different story through the altamont pass. things are beginning to quickly back up through there and through the livermore valley. drive time is up to about 22 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. things improve and break up past vasco road. mass transit bart systemwide on time this morning. muni, caltrain and as no delays. brian has the forecast. weather could affect your commute a little bit because it is slick out there. it rained as much as -- well, rain, drizzled such as .02" overnight. concord has 58. 61 at oakland. it's warmer than the past couple mornings and that sets a trend. it's going to be nice for the san jose summerfest this
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weekend. the jazz summerfest 77 degrees for a forecast high warmer than we have seen lately because finally low pressure that's been abeam the bay area begins to move out. we get a slight warming trend. numbers a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 77 at fairfield, just 62 in the city. 56 in oakland. 7 -- 65 in oakland. 73 in san jose. the extended look promises warmth but here's frank and juliette with the news. right now cars and even some homes are nothing but charred remains this morning as crews battle a wildfire raging out of control in riverside county. we have some live pictures of the fire. the fire is burning nine square miles. you can see a lot of work still to do. it's a little south of banning. fire exploded shortly after it started yesterday afternoon growing to 2500 acres in just three hours. at least a dozen buildings are damaged or destroyed including some homes there. about 1500 people have also had to be evacuated. some are having a hard time
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finding a place for their pets. >> he will have to be with us. we'll be finding a place. it will be fine. >> three people are being treated at hospitals including two firefighters. we're also keeping an eye on a fire in portland, oregon. it destroyed a four-story apartment complex under construction this morning. there is still smoke in the air and a number of apparatus there. the fire spreading to two or three nearby buildings. homes nearby have been evacuated. bart and the unions trying to negotiate new contracts can't even agree on how far apart they are. bart says the gap is $100 million. the unions say not that big. just $56 million. kpix 5's anne makovec is in walnut creek and it's back to the negotiating table obviously. >> reporter: you saw those numbers, not looking good. they are going to head back behind closed doors to do some more bargaining. we're talking about bart
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managers and union representatives. but in the meantime, people at this walnut creek bart station and commuters all over the bay are still wondering what is going to happen on monday morning. also in the meantime a three- person panel is now writing a report to present to the governor by sunday so he can decide whether or not to order a 60-day cooling-off period. bart wants it. the unions don't. you're looking at footage from the hearing yesterday, where the two sides could not agree on basic facts like the gap between their proposals on wages and benefits. even how much the average worker is paid. now, one former bart director a retired judge thinks there's only one way to figure this out. >> i think the resolution will come if they strike. the resolution will come because the public will be heard. >> that's going to happen, you think? >> yes. >> strike is inevitable and when the public gets mad it's going to get -- >> yeah. somebody will wise up. >> reporter: sunday night is
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the deadline for either a contract agreement, another contract extension, or that cooling-off period. if none of those three things happens, we could see another strike as soon as monday morning. now, as far as the report that this three-person governor- appointed panel is writing, it's not going to include recommendations for the governor on the cooling-off period. just the facts and points that he should be thinking about as he considers whether or not to order that. back to you. >> there is a buzz about this 60-day cooling-off period. what's the likelihood, what's the word right now on that? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that the last five times that a governor has ordered this panel to convene, a cooling-off period has eventually been ordered. >> all right. anne makovec in walnut creek, thank you. today crews will take a big step in fixing the bad bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the first concrete will be poured for a steel saddle and that saddle will do the job the bolts were supposed to handle. it's part of the backup plan after 32 bolts broke on the
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bridge earlier this year. new this morning, it's been another violent night in the city of oakland. there are reports of several shootings, at least one stabbing under investigation this morning. the violence coming just a day after a 1-year-old boy and his father were killed. a small memorial of balloons, teddy bears and candles sits in front of the east oakland house where the two were gunned down. 20-year-old andrew thomas and his son were in town from fresno to celebrate a relative's birthday and last night, they were in a back bedroom asleep when police say someone snuck into the backyard and just opened fire through a window and a wall of their bedroom. police believe the shooting is connected to the murder of thomas' cousin last weekend. a parolee from hayward was arrested for that killing, 33- year-old kendell eatmom is accused of killing 18-year-old alquino rivera as he sat in a car on saturday. on the day that 1-year-old drew jackson became oakland's youngest homicide victim in at least a decade, the mayor and
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police chief told their city they are determined to make oakland a safer place. kpix 5 reporter christin ayers tells us it's a promise we have heard before. >> we're going to be calling in some of the people who have been involved in the most violent crimes. >> reporter: that was the mayor 11 months ago rolling out the program and now today -- mayor, with all due respects, we have all seen this half so many times so many young children shot and on top of it, we keep hearing about these plans to change things and we haven't seen a lot change. what is oakland's centerpiece plan to address young children being killed? >> we plan to continue with "operation cease-fire" until we've hauled in pretty much the top 300 most violent people in the city. it doesn't happen in one round. >> reporter: why hasn't it been fully funded? why have we been waiting so long? it's been months. >> i think -- >> let me just say, all right, so, "operation cease-fire" is absolutely my number one strategy for reducing violent crime, shootings and murders in this town. >> reporter: but we found out
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"operation cease-fire" is not being run like the city's number one strategy. there is no permanent director and the few officers who have been running "operation cease- fire" have only been doing it part time. chief sean whent says that will change. >> i'm able to dedicate full- time enforcement team to cease- fire to make sure the police department meets our end of the program. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the mayor and the police officer say they are working with teams at east oakland's nonprofit youth uprising to start a youth-based safety program. we're live in sunnyvale where one lucky person bought a winning powerball combination. we'll tell you how much they won when we return. >> it's a controversial plan to help struggling homeowners. and a bay area city is front and center. how wall street is waging war on this eminent domain experiment. [ kids yelling ] >> and some bay area kids some
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with black belts. the marshal arts camp that's even teaching them a few tricks to tackle their homework. >> looks like fun. the weather looks like it will be warming up the next couple of days. but we will have to have patience and a warm jacket this morning. details straight ahead. >> bring your patience going out of san francisco. southbound 280 an accident there. we'll have the latest on delays and blocked lanes after this break. ,,,, i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart.
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the three winning powerball tickets. the winner will split the 4- million dollar jackpot with someone in l check it out. this south brunswick new jersey grocery store sold one of the three winning powerball tickets. the winner will split nearly a half billion dollars. the jackpot was in little egg harbor, new jersey. another guy in minnesota. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at a gas station in sunnyvale where one ticket sold
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there matched five out of the six and someone is going to cash in. >> reporter: we hope so. we don't know that person is just yet. but we do know they are going to be waking up with $289,000 extra in their pockets this morning. that's because of all the powerball lines they stood and they happened to be standing in the right one here at the shell station in sunnyvale. the california lottery says nine people in the state bought tickets with 5 of the 6 winning numbers. they were just missing that powerball number. we just spoke with the owner of this gas station who didn't know and was shocked to see news crews outside. >> i'm very excited, you know? so that's the first time, you know, this happened where we might get some money, you know, i don't know how much. >> reporter: if you missed those numbers last night pull out the tickets:
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as far as we know, that winner hasn't come forward just yet but we're sure they happy they stopped at this gas station this morning. reporting live in sunnyvale, cate caugiran, kpix 5. a lawsuit is filed to stop richmond's plan for dealing with underwater homes. richmond wants to use eminent domain to take over homes that are worth less than their mortgages in order to refinance them. now some wall street firms are going to federal court to block the proposal. let's get you out the door with traffic and weather. your turn, liz. what's going on? >> we're following breaking news in burlingame. streets are closed because of a gas leak. so the location is burlingame avenue and primrose road. we know that there's no evacuations but emergency crews are on scene right now. we'll bring you more updates throughout the morning. in the meantime, main lines of your freeways southbound 280 approaching alemany boulevard, this is in san francisco. we still have at least one lane blocked. it was an accident there. the roads are slick this morning as brian will tell us in just a minute.
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so we are seeing a few drivers kind of losing control on some of the roads and heading into the ditch off the freeway so just a heads up there. we're seeing some delays actually right now getting out of san francisco on 280. 101 is a better option. also later this afternoon, we have a couple of sports things going on. sports games, giants versus brewers 12:45 at at&t park. so you can expect to see some extra traffic along the embarcadero and king street. also just in time for the evening commute 6 p.m. candlestick 49ers take on the broncos. so yeah, if you think 101 is usually bad expect some extra traffic tie-ups later on this evening. here's some of these schmitzy conditions we have been talking about so far across the golden gate bridge. fog and drizzle across the span coming into san francisco. with the latest on your forecast, here's brian in the weather center with the latest. >> thank you. you know, if you head from los angeles to palm springs on highway 10 you'll pass through the town of banning and about 9 miles south of banning in the
6:17 am
san jacinto mountains this morning you can see this wildfire. 6,000 acres have gone up in smoke. 15 structures destroyed. firefighters are trying to get a handle on it. winds are only gusting to 15 miles an hour, not a huge factor, but that thing exploded overnight and took 15 homes and other structures with it. back in the bay area, we have clouds, drizzle and warmer weather prospects. we are well below average for this time of year by about 10 degrees but at least we'll be edging back toward normal with partly sunny skies, mild conditions and 72 degrees around the bay. inland will be 76 and nice this afternoon. and in a game that will be broadcast on kpix 5 tonight at 6:00, 49ers will be taking on the broncos at the stick. it will be breezy and on the cool side and 62 degrees and a little bit of sunshine not much. this morning, drizzle and clouds a little bit milder beginning tomorrow. and near 90 degrees inland by tuesday. here's what it looks like on
6:18 am
the futurecast. we're starting out with plenty of fog filling in the valleys of the bay area. but watch everything burnbach to the shore. but immediately come back in by sunset tonight. so we'll get a break, some sunshine but not much in abundance. san francisco at the airport today some arrival delays, partly cloudy skies, a little bit of morning fog out there and drizzle and a high of 68. thunderstorms as per usual in denver and new york. new york has a high of of 82 degrees. back in the bay area, we are looking for san jose to top out at just 73. 74 at santa clara. and 78 at morgan hill. in pleasanton, pleasanton lives up to its name, 74. it's a gorgeous summer in the east bay with temperatures more mild than usual. but we're paying for it close to the shoreline unless you like leadend overcast. you will get that in san francisco. things will warm slowly. by tuesday and wednesday 90 inland so that low pressure offshore gets just a karate chop in the neck!
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out it goes. >> right on. >> speaking of -- >> i know. thank you, brian. don't be surprised if thenext bruce lee comes out of the east bay. summer campers in san ramon have been getting a crash course on all thanks martial arts. some as young as 10 have their black belt. martial arts america is this week's cool camp. reporter: they are stealth- like. nearly two dozen ninja wannabes tucked away in a san ramon strip mall. >> i think we have some future ninjas here, yeah. [ yelling ] >> reporter: welcome to martial arts america, campers 5 to 12 getting a week-long primer on all things karate and jujitsu, complete with games, snacks and craft. it's a kid's dream, a chance to rough house and learn at the same time. you get to beat up on guys a little bit, right? >> yes. >> reporter: is that fun? that's the key. sure, the kids get to punch and kick but they also are
6:20 am
absorbing the principles behind the martial arts. discipline, self-confidence and respect. >> yes, ma'am! >> well, you can learn how to make new friends and get better at school and respect your parents and doing your chores and stuff around the house. >> reporter: are you more focused? >> yes, i am more focused. when the tv is on and my favorite show is on, i could just like look away and then still keep on writing homework. >> reporter: parents must love you guys. >> oh, absolutely. yes. >> reporter: it's a win-win. many campers become full-time students. it's no wonder martial arts america is this week's. >> cool camp! yeah! >> that little guy the blonde he is only 4. >> watch out. >> all ages. >> they make them turn in their report card to the sensei, now that. >> is that right? >> yes. >> the mother i did talk to one
6:21 am
of the mothers of one of the students loves it. she has three kids there and they are all the better for it. >> discipline, oh, yeah. >> you would know, you got three kids doing it, too. >> that's right. >> the kids obviously enjoy the classes and go from 9 a.m. to 3:00 monday through friday and they have a couple of week, left in the summer session so if you want to check it out head over to san ramon. what is cool about your school or your summer camp? submit your nomination at our website, and we might come out and feature your school or your camp on the big show. 6:21. the mlb in a stadium stalemate. the legal moves to keep oakland from moving to san jose. >> we are hours away from 49ers football. the champs taking over a tough broncos team tonight at 6:00. you can catch it on kpix 5.
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good morning. i'm dennis o'donnell. last monday the as had a 6- game lead over the rangers in the american league west. this morning, it is gone! this guy's reeling in a fish. the as reeling, as well. colon threw 15 straight quality starts. nothing quality about that. the cincinnati's jay bruce lands in kentucky. the as down 4-1. colon allowed five runs shortest out of the season in 2 2/3. sogard, two runs score on his second triple of the season. but chapman would go one, two, three striking out jed lowrie with 103-mile-an-hour fastball. as lose drop into a first place tie now with texas. giants hosting the brewers. tied in the 8th. madison baumgarner threw it away. pablo probably should have got it. one run scores. madison baumgarner would leave
6:26 am
the game as the brewers tag on four more. so san francisco loses 6-1. and it's bad. they are 13 games out of first place. how about some good news? 49ers football tonight at 6:00 on kpix 5. myself, tim ryan, vern glenn will be there. join us, as well. have a great day, everybody. play of the day, we have some baseball. 12th inning of yankees and white sox. the game is over. alejandro de anza hit a game winning double for the home team. yankees lose, yankees lose, 6-5 chicago on top of new york play of the day. coming up a violent home invasion. men posing as pg&e workers, the realistic disguise. >> a california amber alert expands. the murder suspects crushed on a missing teenaged girl and the two possible sightings coming your way. >> reporter: the bart
6:27 am
bargaining resumes this morning and so far it is not going so well. coming up, we'll take a closer look at the numbers keeping the two sides apart. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a long night and little progress battling a raging wildfire in southern california. the danger that prevented people from evacuating. >> reporter: an agreement, extension or cooling-off period? three possibilities to avoid a bart strike on monday morning. we'll take a look at what's standing in the way. >> boy, we have a cool day under way in the bay area but
6:31 am
not for long. finally some changes in the forecast. >> and we are watching a car fire now. it is blocking one lane and it's costing some big delays through the altamont pass. your latest travel times coming up. good morning. it is thursday, august 8. i'm juliette goodrich. michelle is off. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:31 your time. right now it's a very rough morning for firefighters in southern california. they are battling a wildfire ranging out of control. -- raging out of control in riverside county. it's burned 6,000 acres and forced 1500 people to evacuate. communities south of banning right off highway 10, some had to "shelter in place" until it was safe to escape. several homes have been damaged, a dozen destroyed. we'll have a live report from the firelines in a couple of minutes. check out these live pictures from nashville, tennessee. heavy rain as much as 4" in some spots triggered flash flooding in the area. it's been so hard and so fast,
6:32 am
it's trapped people in cars and on roofs. emergency officials say there have been numerous water rescues and road closures. the national weather service says the flash flood warning is in effect until noon. 6:32. sure glad we live in the bay area. >> this is the time of year they get most of their rain in the summer. we get ours in the winter. when it rains, it pours. for us we have fog and nothing more than drizzle but that can cause some problems out on the roads. we'll check with liz in a minute. first, the numbers. 58 in concord and 59 at sfo. 55 in santa rosa. a little warmer than yesterday morning. low pressure that's been offshore finally begins to move inland and fill in. as it does we get a little bit of a warming trend in the bay area. the highs today will edge up a touch to 69 at santa rosa, in san francisco today 62 degrees. san jose hits 63. plenty of sun in the east bay later.
6:33 am
75 in concord. the look head looks a little bit warmer. we'll have more details in a few minutes. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> a lot of, heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza this morning and traffic there is pretty typical maybe a touch lighter than normal. the metering lights were turned on just before 6:00 so now it is stacked up towards the overcrossings for about 10 to 15 minutes to get you on the span. a car fire is approaching grant line road causing delays from tracy. he so the delays begin on 205 and continue towards the livermore valley. there is a gas leak, not sure how big it is now but burlingame avenue is shut down by primrose road. this is in downtown burlingame. so far no evacuations in the area. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> 6:33. new developments in texas.
6:34 am
a shooting spree killed four people. the suspect's ex-girlfriend and her teenaged daughter were among those killed in two homes in the dallas area. four others were hurt. the man was arrested last night. right now, people are trying to determine what prompted these attacks. they are also looking into whether an explosive was used. we have new details on the amber alert for a missing teenager and murder suspect from san diego county. it has spread to oregon and washington. oregon state police say there have been two possible sightings of james dimaggio's car. investigators believe 16-year- old hannah anderson is with him. a friend of the teen says dimaggio had a crush on her. dimaggio is suspected of killing hannah's mother sunday evening. a child's body was also found but it's still not found if it's hannah's younger brother. after all the months of talks bart and the unions are still far apart. bart says the gap is $100 million, the union says it's $56 million. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec
6:35 am
joins us live in walnut creek. i guess they are finally getting back to talking and that's good news, right? >> reporter: yeah, but for these hundreds of thousands of riders it is another morning of anxiety at bart stations around the bay area but yeah, managers and union negotiators are going to go back to the bargaining table this morning. we'll see if they get any closer than they have been which is not close at all. yesterday it became apparent exactly how far apart the two sides are as they spoke in front of a panel appointed by the governor. they will present him with the facts and he will decide whether or not to order a 60- day cooling-off period. the facts differ depending which side you talk to. bart management says it's offering 9% pay increase over four years the unions saying it's only 1.4% because workers would contribute to the costs of health and pension benefits. >> it's no secret i would expect there would be fewer proposals on all sides on the table at this time in the
6:36 am
bargaining so i'm surprised to hear you think this can be achieved by sunday night. >> reporter: the governor's panel is preparing a report. they will give that to the governor by sunday and he will decide on that cooling-off period. now, you may remember bart managers initially said they didn't want a cooling-off period. they didn't want to postpone it. now they are the ones pushing for the cooling-off period which shows just how bad things have gotten. live in walnut creek, anne makovec, kpix 5. vallejo police say two men posing as pg&e workers robbed a home on farrell street near central avenue. officers say the suspects wore orange vests and hardhats and once they got inside the home threatened the resident with a gun and tied him up. they drove away in a gold suv that looks like a cadillac escalade. you should always check identification through a peep hole before opening your door. a gun buy-back event will be held tonight in san francisco's mission district. guns in working condition can
6:37 am
be turned in for $100, assault rifles can be exchanged for $200. the event is scheduled from 6:00 to 8:00 in the u.s. bank parking lot at 22nd street and cap streets. 6:37. major league baseball is urging a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the city of san jose. the city recently filed suit against mlb over its failure to decide whether the as can pursue a downtown san jose ballpark. the san francisco giants are trying to prevent the as' move. the giants base that on territorial rights they received during their failed attempt to move to san jose in the '90s. >> can major league baseball block a competitor in this country from relocating his business simply because someone else says we don't want them to move? >> mlb lawyers contend san jose's claims are barred by
6:38 am
baseball's exemption to antitrust laws. the judge is expected to hear the issue in early october. it is 6:38. small cars put to the test. the popular brands that fared the worst in a crash. >> it is very smoky here in southern california as the silver fire burns out of control. i'm greg mills with a live report. >> the markets just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,,,,,
6:39 am
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lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. thousands ha 6:41. right now cars and even some
6:42 am
homes are destroyed as crews battle an out-of-control wildfire in riverside county. thousands have fled the fast- moving flames. greg mills joins us live there in riverside county. what can you tell us about the firefighters' progress right now? >> reporter: juliette, they have been working hard for 24 hours now from the air and on the ground too. and this fire is still raging out of control. it's burned 6,000 acres so far and they are really at the mercy of the weather. the winds have picked up since the sun came up. got some area shots of the silver fire. it burned at least 6,000 acres according to cal fire and burned down at least 15 structures. they don't know yet how many homes are among those structures lost. the latest evacuations are in the area we are in which is cabazon village two miles south of a casino and hotel along the 10 freeway. this is a very windy area. you might -- if you have been down this area toward palm springs you might recall you see a lot wind miss on both
6:43 am
side of the 10 freeway just before getting to palm springs. we are very close to those windmills. cal fire is very concerned the wind will be just as strong as it was yesterday when this fire burned thousands of acres. they are worried about a repeat performance. and they were very concerned, juliette, about what was going to happen once the sun came up today. would it be as windy? and unfortunately, it appears to be. reporting live from cabazon, greg mills, kpix 5. >> thank you. and we have liftoff. >> it was a picture-perfect rocket launch at cape canaveral. the delta 4 carried a fleet of military communications satellites into orbit last night. australia picking up most of the tab by the way for the $700 million launch. this marks the 23rd launch of that delta iv rocket. the pentagon is considering a plan to allow same-sex speaker of the houses of military members -- spouses of military members to get healthcare, military housing and other benefits. it could reverse earlier plans
6:44 am
to provide benefits to unmarried same-sex couples by the end of the month but those couples might get up to 10 days of leave to be able to travel to states where they can legally get married. 6:44. a miami beach teen caught spraying graffiti died after police officers tasered him. the teen ran from beach cops when they spotted him vandalizing a vacant building. police caught up with him and say they needed a taser to subdue him. a friend who witnessed the incident says cops celebrated catching him and mocked the teen as he was shaking on the ground. fernandez later died at the hospital. video from inside a bus shows what happened when it crashed into a semi truck in china. a quick warning, the video graphic. now, it shows the bus driver flying out of the window seconds after impact. he survives. passengers told him he missed the exit so he put the bus in reverse hitting the semi truck. 22 people were on the bus and
6:45 am
suffered various injuries. the truck driver was killed. opening statements are set for this morning in a wrongful death trial involving a deadly southern california car crash. the victim's family claims a woman died when her toyota camera suddenly accelerated and crashed despite her efforts to try to stop the car. toyota recalled millions of cars around the world after similar complaints and it has now paid $1 billion to settle other lawsuits. new test results an crashes involving small cars are in. they have a tougher front crash test for those cars. six of the 12 cars they tested did well in that new test. the honda civic in the two-door and four-door models was the only car actually to get the top rating of good. five others received acceptable ratings. they are the dodge dart, the ford focus, hyundai elantra and the 2014 scion tc. cars listed as marginal or poor are the chevy cruz, chevy sonic, vw beetle, kia scout, kia forte, and the nissan
6:46 am
sentra. the bay area's car company is seeing stocks soar. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: plenty of good news for tesla this morning after it easily topped its quarterly earning results turning a profit when a loss was expected. also beating on revenue $405 million. there's the model s sedan rolling off the assembly line. the company produced more of them in that quarter than expected. it is on pace for its forecasted more than 21,000 sold this year. founder elon musk also telling investors something they really want to hear more about and that's a more affordable car. that would be the gen3 compact sedan that he says should appear sometime in 2016. it will have a range of 200 miles on one charge and should be priced around $35,000 before you take into account government tax subsidies. that's about $25,000 less than the model s sedan right there. it could be a real deal changer for tesla. meanwhile, its stock continues
6:47 am
to shoot higher. take a look at it now. tesla shares up by 14% more than $152, up more than four times over since the beginning of the year. weekly jobless claims rose this past week by 5,000 to 333,000 but the labor department does have some good news there as the four-week average fell by 6200 to its lowest level since november of 2007. weekly applications down 10% since the beginning of the year while we have seen average monthly job growth. market looking good so far. the dow up by 46. nasdaq up 12. s&p up 6. back to you. >> thank you. 6:47. powerball's $448 million jackpot will be split three ways. two winning tickets were sold in new jersey, one in minnesota. and someone in sunnyvale did match five numbers. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran
6:48 am
is there where the ticket was purchased. good morning, cate. >> good morning. the thing is it was probably all part of a routine for this person. fill up the tank, go inside, buy a powerball ticket and now they are making up with hundreds of thousands of dollars extra in their pockets this morning all because they had a winning combination as you mentioned. and they weren't the only ones. the california lottery says nine people in the state got five of the six winning numbers. they just missed that powerball number but now they get to take home $289,000. the shell station owner says it's the first time someone took home a winning this big. the numbers are: it wasn't the jackpot but for this person who bought the winning ticket at the shell station, they have $289,000
6:49 am
reasons not to complain. back to you. >> thank you. queue the "jaws" theme song and here's why. a fin circling through the bay had a lot of people doing a double-take. this shark spotted near the hyde street pier. marine biologists say this is the time of year sharks are spotted off the golden gate but it's rare to see them come all the way inside the bay. >> it was initially thought to be a great white. none of our biologists saw it. upon closer inspection of the photographs appears to be a salmon shark. >> while the salmon shark is related to the great white, it is not a man-eater. try to explain this. dead shark found on a new york city subway overnight. now, the guy who took the photo says it was still wet and had blood on its mouth. was it maybe a shark week stunt? the discovery channel says, no. it wasn't them. but there's mr. shark on some subway. >> that's odd. my little guy has a plastic shark that looks like that.
6:50 am
maybe it's a scam. >> i don't know. >> odd. we are starting out with low clouds and fog out there. the streets are slick as you start out your thursday morning. as we look toward the bay bridge there's not much in the way of sunshine here. it will be coming out in the east bay shortly. temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. 58 in concord. san jose 61. eye little bit of a warming trend this afternoon. we get more sunshine inland and temperatures skyrocket to the mid-70s inland and the low 70s around the bay. at the coast we'll still be near 62 degrees. so this afternoon looks good. this evening doesn't look bad, either, with the 49ers taking on the broncos. it will be breezy and cool at game time. the game tonight at 6:00 that will be broadcast on kpix 5. so tune in. low pressure that's over the bay area is finally going to edge inland. as it heads out we'll get a slight warming trend. later today a little more sun a
6:51 am
little warmer temperatures delays on arrivals at the airport this morning because of the low ceiling. 68 degrees overnight low tonight 55. and thunderstorms as per usual in new york and denver if you are heading there. if you are staying close to home bundle up at the shore. south bay sunshine and beautiful day. morgan hill 79. san jose 73. redwood city 74. and at pacifica, 62 degrees. 74 at san mateo. and the east bay the numbers warm slightly to 77 at antioch and 78 at brentwood. pleasanton today 74 degrees. it will be chilly in mill valley. 65 degrees. take a while for the sun to come out and 69 in santa rosa. the look ahead, we are going to warm up slightly a couple of degrees a day. that's all we ask. temperatures will be near the mid-80s by monday. around the bay remaining in the mid-70s in the warmest spots. and as we get into tuesday and wednesday, it warms nicely to near 90 degrees by wednesday. but there's drizzle out there this morning. and you know the recipe for an
6:52 am
accident. just add water. here's liz with the latest. >> it's true, yeah. roads are slick. we have seen a couple of fender- bender that may be weather- related a little earlier in the morning commute. also avoid highway 29 for the next couple of hours. there's still a telephone pole that was down in the roadway, wires blocking both directions highway 29 in calistoga, shut down between greenwood and tubbs. it will take hours to clear it. so at least until 8:30 this morning. all right. here's a look at the guadalupe parkway approaching cail lohr street. an accident there rather a car fire blocking one lane and we are seeing slowing coming up the guadalupe parkway. the rest of the south bay though so far free and clear including 101 and 280. another car fire causing some real delays coming through the altamont pass. 16 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. but the drive time is in the green because all the traffic is slow now coming out of
6:53 am
tracy. and you can really see all those red traffic sensors right now in those westbound lanes before you reach the turbines. outside here's the slick roads. 880 approaching 66, so far moving at the limit towards downtown. that's your latest traffic. back to you. a sweet geeky proposal is getting mixed reaction online. the stanford grad got a "yes" from his girlfriend. the bad news is it's getting voted down by irritated reddick users. the photo showed off messages like one does not simply walk into marriage. and i don't always propose. but when i do, i prefer to use reddit. this girlfriend screamed when she stumbled on the photos from her sweetheart and i think she said yes. well, it is back to the bargaining table for bart managers and union negotiators. it's not going well. coming up we'll look at the numbers keeping them apart. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. ex-girlfriend and her teenad daughter are among four peoe dead. erbie bowser was arrested... after attacks at so many new developments in a texas -- some of new developments in a texas shooting spree. four people are dead. the man was arrested after attacks at homes in dallas and desoto. investigators are looking into whether a grenade or explosive device was used in southern california a wildfire in riverside county. several buildings and homes damaged or destroyed in the mountains south of banning. 6,000 acres are scorched. and about 1500 people have been forced to evacuate. i'm anne makovec live at the walnut creek bart station. bart management and union leaders will go back to the
6:58 am
bargaining table this morning and riders are still waiting to figure out what is going to happen come monday morning. will there be a strike? meanwhile, a three-person panel is writing a report to present to the governor by sunday so he can decide on whether or not to order a 60-day cooling-off period. bart wants it the unions don't. the two sides could not agree yesterday on basic facts like the gap between the proposals on wages and benefits. bart says their deal would cost $18 million and that the unions' plan would cost $118 million. the unions say that is not true. it's more like $56 million. sunday night the deadline for either a contract agreement, another contract extension, or a cooling-off period. if none of those three things happen there will be a strike on monday morning. backs to the panel that the governor convened, they are not making a recommendation to the governor just presenting him with the facts. their deadline on that again sunday afternoon. right now live in walnut creek,
6:59 am
anne makovec, kpix 5. checking traffic this morning, so far no big hot spots out there. here's a live look over at the bay bridge. it is backing up towards the foot of the maze. but traffic is actually a touch lighter a little lighter than usual at this time of the morning. it is stacked up for about a 15- minute wait just to get on the bridge. and over to the golden gate now, you can see some wet pavement there as you come into san francisco. but overall no delays from sausalito. brian? >> between the leaden overcast at the shoreline and inland, there's 100 shades of gray out there. 75 livermore. it will warm up today. that sets the trend between now and monday. we'll be back into the mid-80s inland, and hang on a little bit longer we'll be near 90 by wednesday between now and then transition, my friends. >> it is transition. those cookies you brought in? >> yeah. >> raisin oatmeal -- >> cute little basket. >> it was. >> got to get through the morning somehow. >> got a picture of that on the noon show. >> thanks for watching kpix 5
7:00 am
news this morning. next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, august 8, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a fast moving wildfire scorches the california desert forcing 1,000 residents to flee. extreme flooding swamps the midwest. a new kind of crash test finds half of cars studied don't make the grade. and lesley staal is in studio 57. nearly a decade ago, she looked at moms give up careers. now some opting back in. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> you have to realize how quickly the fire moved. the difficulty was getting evacuations. >> wildfires tear throu


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